What is Retargeting?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is the strategy that lets advertisers serve online ads to visitors who’ve previously visited their website. Over the past few years, retargeting has become a must-have marketing channel, in addition to search engine marketing and email marketing, for reaching and converting customers.

Retargeting generally performs much better than other kinds of display advertising. Including it into the electronic marketing mix can also drive step-by-step conversions, increase customer commitment, and increase brand awareness. In a recent study, 87% of participants indicated that retargeting is very important to their general marketing strategy, and 76% planned to boost their retargeting budget plan. With retargeting seeing mass adoption across the industry, agencies are learning the nuances of retargeting and developing a better understanding of the finer techniques.

Types of Retargeting

  • Site Retargeting
  • Advertisers can display ads to this group as they visit other websites across the web
  • Retargeting on Social
  • Advertisers can work with FBX (Facebook Exchange to retarget the website visitors
  • Mobile Retargeting
  • Advertisers can retarget desktop site visitors as they are browsing Facebook or Twitter on their mobile devices
  • Creative Retargeting
  • Placement of the retargeting tag within the online media that appears on web site other than the marketer's own website
  • Search Retargeting
  • Gives marketers the ability to reach a person who has already searched and clicked on a corresponding text ad to go to the site

On average, 98% of web site visitors leave a site without finishing their activity. With website retargeting, commonly reduced to "retargeting," marketers can display ads to this group as they visit other sites throughout the web. This maintains the brand name top-of-mind and urges the customer to head back and finish their original activity on their site. This method performs well with ecommerce companies, stores, vehicles, tech B2B, traveling, media and also enjoyment-- any person thinking about involving current or potential clients online. If you're just getting started with a retargeting program, this is where to start.

Tactics to "Turn" Your Visitors into Customers

  • A customer visits your website and a cookie is set in their browser
  • When the user goes to Facebook, they are then shown an ad that is specifically "re-targeting" them based on their original visit to your page
  • The customer then returns to your page to purchase

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