Getting More Clients Using Google Business Profile

by Dr. Lois Reid


Google Business Profile (GBP) is the new renaming of what used to be known as Google My Business (GMB). This is the first step to creating an online following via the Google platform. With an optimized GMB page, you will see a boost in traffic and conversions because your business becomes more discoverable on Google's platform. This results in real value for your small business.

How to Thrive as a Coach

by Rob Goyette


Everything You Need to Know to Live the Coach Dream

My name is Rob Goyette. I’ve been supporting leaders in the coaching niche with their marketing and technology since 2007. Over that time, I’ve helped people you’d recognize attract coaches and help those coaches get clients.

I see a lot of coaches struggling to get clients or working way too hard with the ones they have.

How to Build Your Best Online Business

With Rich Schefren

Best Online Business

Quick update…

Since I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona right now for Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi’s Copy Accelerator Live, I won’t be live-streaming today.

But I want to share something that’s just as good…

Click here to listen:

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The Easy E Cash Product Review

September 28, 20225 min read


Can You Really Pocket An Easy $1,245 Per Month With NO Website, No List, No Social Media, No Paid Advertising, No Local Marketing, No Amazon, No Affiliate Marketing, And No Product Creation?

No list

Hey guys,

Deryck Jones here.

Today I want to introduce you to a radically simple new system that’s just been released called Easy E Cash.👊

These are the exact secrets that can earn you hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars per month – in your spare time… and you can legally copy them to create a fast, steady, predictable income you can rely on.

Internet gurus want you believe that, in order to make money online, you need to master complicated product launch formulas… or that you need to bombard social media sites with spammy “bots”… or that you need to harass local businesses with cold calls and emails … or that you need to build giant Amazon affiliate sites that takes months before you see a tiny profit

Nope. All you need to apply this simple “newbie” friendly secret to making money online, is a computer, laptop, or smartphone. That's it. You don't need complicated formulas or confusing software or anything like that.

And you could be in Ohio, California, Florida, or Maine. You could be at your home office, lounging on the beach, or hanging out at your local artisan coffee house.

Best of all, this simple system can create a stable, predictable income you can rely on…

All you have to do is repeat the EXACT same simple steps each time. This is how you can make extra money from home to pay bills, buy clothes, pay for cars, pay my mortgage, save for college, take vacations, buy PlayStation games, etc...

  • You don't need a big budget (you can get started for FREE if you want).

  • You don’t have to fight for rankings on Google.

  • You don’t have to spend hours creating content for a blog.

  • You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars on paid aids.

  • You don’t have to cold-call or email spam local businesses (in fact, you don’t have to speak to another human being at all… which is great for us introverts!)

  • You don’t have to create your own products

All you need to do is type a few sentences. And you don’t even have to be that good at it! You just have to get it going… and it’s not hard at all!

Okay, so…

What Exactly Is Easy E Cash?

 It’s a very simple eBay system that will show you how to make $1,245 per month in your spare time with no website, no list, no social media, no paid advertising, no local marketing, no Amazon, and no product creation.

Will Allen created the system and he uses it to sell “junk” from his own home or stuff he finds at yard sales, second-hand stores, Craigslist, Facebook, and more…

Most people think eBay is dead and not worth trying. But I think that’s wrong.

People spend millions and millions of dollars on eBay each month. So why not grab a share of all that money.

And, the best part is, you can get started for free. So you don’t have to spend a DIME to get started.

Will shows you a fun way to get started selling things for free so you don’t have to worry about any upfront expenses.

Also, because this system is contained within eBay, there’s none of the usual stuff you’re used to seeing…

  • NO SEO

  • NO Facebook marketing

  • NO Affiliate marketing

  • NO List building

  • NO Blogging

  • NO Content marketing

  • NO Offline marketing

So it’s faster because you don’t have to deal with any content creation or waiting for Google to improve your rankings.

It’s also VERY easy. ANYONE can make this work no matter your skill level or previous experience.

Plus, it comes with a full 100% money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like the system you can get your money back.

That means you have zero risk. And you can technically use everything free, if you want to.

If you want to make some easy “spending” cash each month, I highly recommend you get this system now.

PLUS… if you get Easy E Cash through the link on my page today, I’ll give you the following Exclusive VIP Bonuses, absolutely FREE!

My Bonuses

Get Your Bonus Here

These Exclusive VIP Bonuses, will dramatically increase your ability to make more money than you ever thought possible online. Most of these bonuses are NOT available for sale anywhere else - the ONLY way you can get them is if you invest in the powerful, money-making Easy E Cash system through one of the links on my page today.  But hurry, these bonuses are only going to be available for a limited time.

Also, just for you, I’ve found a site that features a discounted rate for Easy E Cash. So you can pay less than everyone else.

You can access the discount page by clicking the link below.

So, click this link to be taken to the discount page. You’ll get the discount on Easy E Cash AND you’ll also get the Exclusive VIP Bonuses absolutely FREE.

This is a deal to good to pass up. So go ahead and act now before it’s gone for good!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.

Deryck Jones

Start your own blog checklist:

Here is a quick checklist to get you started with you website blow. Remember imperfect action beats inaction, get started and keep publishing.

  • Create your blog page then add the blog element

  • Add the blog element to your page and select if you want compact or list view

  • Start planning your blog topics by Identifying what resonates with your audience. If you are stuck you can use sites like -

  • Create an outline serves your company goals.

  • Write conversationally, like if you were telling a story to a friend

  • Pick a catchy title.

  • Use several media types (gif, short video, or image) to deliver your messages.

  • Use data to back up claims or ideas - make sure to cite all sources❗

  • Have a call to action and or give your audience something to walk away with.

  • Take 30 minutes to edit your post.

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Deryck Jones

Founder/CEO iGloo Digital Marketing. A disabled U.S. Marine Veteran with over fifty years business experience split between the corporate world and working as a serial entrepreneur. Expert in business and marketing automation and systems' integration.

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