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iGloo Digital Marketing is a full-service marketing agency run and managed by a 45-year veteran in sales, marketing, & engineering. Deryck served as the Director of Engineering & Marketing for Spectra-Physics Laserplane, then Sr. Director of Engineering & Marketing, and ultimately as the Vice President of Research & Development. He spent twenty years in the corporate world working for two global businesses in sales, marketing, & engineering closing 1/2 billion in sales.

Company Description

Having worked for all manner of companies ranging in size from your small mom & pop to a $3.1B MIT spinout, the founder has seen it all. Companies with a zero branding strategy and no marketing to speak of to companies that invested heavily in marketing preceeded by significant investments in research. We've worked with mom & pop's and we've worked with big brands like Sony Music, Sony LatAm, Canon Professional, Genesys Telecommunications, RFI.

We've also worked with JumpStart for Young Children and with Volunteers of America. Not to mention, Top of Your Game Marketing, AdvisorX, and a bunch of other small businesses. Don't worry, we've got your back. We believe in a win-win. We'll help you make money as you do the same for us 'cause if we don't, well, why would you stick around?

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Our Team

Deryck Jones

Founder, Chief Evangelist

Mr. Jones brings over 40 years of experience to iDM and has done millions of dollars in business with Sony Music, Sony Lat/Am, Canon Professional, RFI, JumpStart for Young Children, Volunteers of America, and numerous others. He believes that all good businesses are founded in service and so ss

Dr. Lois Reid

Vice President, Education & Content

Dr. Reid holds her Doctorate in Education from the Teachers College of Columbia University and is responsible for overseeing all copywriting, educational program development, and content development and management. Dr, Reid is an accomplished writer and educator.

Our mission is to empower YOU to achieve your goals

We're committed to helping you achieve the results you need in your business. This starts at your home page and follows you throughout your digital journey and wherever that leads.

  • Endless SEO services
  • Endless testing services - we believe in the data
  • To make money you must spend money. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself then who will? We invest in ourselves and we expect our clients to invest in themselves, as well.

Our Standards


Be Relevant

We are committed to remaining relevant in our technology, techniques, and messaging.


Memorable Branding

We are committed to delivering memorable branding experiences for our customers.


Positive Impact

We are committed to having a strong positive impact on every customer we serve.


Cross Functional

We staff and train so that every member can act cross-functionally.


Multi-disciplinary Team

Our team is a multidisciplinary team and we are committed to helping you achieve same.


Recent Technology

Our technology is the most recent technology in its respective space.

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